Table of Contents

Information: A Historical Companion

Ed. Ann Blair, Paul Duguid, Anja-Silvia Goeing, and Anthony Grafton

Princeton University Press (2021)


0. Introduction—Paul Duguid p. vii

1. Premodern Regimes and Practices—Anthony Grafton p. 3

2. Realms of Information in the Medieval Islamic World—Elias Muhanna p. 21

3. Information in Early Modern East Asia—Devin Fitzgerald and Carla Nappi p. 38

4. Information in Early Modern Europe—Ann Blair p. 61

5. Information Networks and the Making of a Connected World in the Sixteenth Century—John-Paul Ghobrial p. 86

6. Records, Secretaries, and the European Information State, ca. 1400-1700—Randolph C. Head p. 104

7. Periodicals and the Commercialization of Information in the Early Modern Era—Will Slauter p.128

8. Documents, Empire, and Capitalism in the Nineteenth Century—Craig Robertson p. 152

9. Nineteenth-century Media Technologies —Lisa Gitelman and Tom Mullaney p. 174

10. Networking: Information Circles the Modern World —Jeremy Adelman p. 190

11. Publicity, Propaganda, and Public Opinion from the Titanic Disaster to the Hungarian Uprising— Richard R. John and Heidi Tworek p. 211

12. Communication, Computation, and Information—Paul Duguid p. 238

13.Search—Daniel Rosenberg p. 259


Short articles

The Companion includes about 100 short articles of between 1,500 and 4,500 words, addressing specific topics. They are arranged alphabetically and also appear in a list by category:



cybernetics/feedback—Rebecca Lemov p. 382

data—Daniel Rosenberg p. 387

documentary authority—Emily Mokros p. 413

error—Kenneth Haynes p. 424

governance—Arndt Brendecke and Benjamin Steiner p. 470

information, disinformation, misinformation—Geoffrey Nunberg p. 496

information policy—Diana Lemberg p. 503

intellectual property—Lionel Bently p. 514

knowledge—Peter Burke p. 538

media—Richard Popp p. 601

networks—John Brewer p. 620

privacy—Adrian Johns p. 686

public sphere—Brian Cowan p. 713

publicity/publication—Sean Gurd p. 718



books—James Raven p. 333

databases—David Sepkoski p. 392

diagrams—Matthew Daniel Eddy p. 397

files—Craig Robertson p. 449

horoscopes—Monica Azzolini p. 486

journals—Melinda Baldwin p. 530

layout and script in letters—Hwisang Cho p. 551

newsletters—Joad Raymond p. 628

newspapers—Andrew Pettegree p. 633

notebooks—Richard Yeo p. 636

khipu—Sabine Hyland p. 534

scrolls and rolls—Anthony Grafton p. 764



albums—Elizabeth Yale p. 294

bibliography—Johanna Drucker p. 326

book sales catalogs—Ian Maclean p. 339

cases —Lauren Kassell p. 358

inventories—Daniel Lord Smail p. 527

letters—Paul Botley p. 563

lists—Vera Keller p. 579

manuals—Pamela O. Long p. 589

maps—Surekha Davies p. 594

memos—JoAnne Yates p. 608

petitions—Valerie Kivelson p. 652

reference books—Jack Lynch p. 746

registers—Randolph C. Head p. 750

sales catalogs—Erin McGuirl p. 754

sermons—Ann Blair p. 772

social media—Siva Vaidhyanathan p. 777



bells—Alexander Fisher p. 323

cards—Markus Krajewski p. 353

coins—Alan Stahl p. 370

government documents—Eric Ketelaar p. 479

inscriptions—William Stenhouse p. 508

money—Niv Horesh p. 616



archivists—Markus Friedrich p. 312

diplomats/spies—Paul M. Dover p. 407

merchants—Leos Müller p. 611

postal customers—David Henkin p. 673

professors—Christian Flow p. 694

proofreaders—Paolo Sachet p. 709

readers—Frederic Clark p. 728

scribes—Ann Blair p. 759

secretaries—Ann Blair p. 768



accounting—Jacob Soll p. 287

appraising—Anja-Silvia Goeing p. 304

archeological decipherment—Haun Saussy p. 308

art of memory—Lina Bolzoni (translated by Madeline McMahon) p. 318

censorship—Hannah Marcus p. 366

ethnography—Joan-Pau Rubiés p. 433

excerpting/commonplacing—Helmut Zedelmaier (translated by Ashley Gonik) p. 441

forecasting—Jamie L. Pietruska p. 452

forgery —Earle Havens p. 460

indexing—Dennis Duncan p. 491

intelligence testing—John Carson p. 523

learning—Anja-Silvia Goeing p. 555

observing—Lorraine Daston p. 641

office practices—Erin McGuirl p. 647

plagiarizing—Earle Havens p. 659

political reporting—Erik Linstrum p. 669

programming—Matthew Jones p. 703

reading against the grain—Kirsten Weld p. 736

recording—Emily Thompson p. 739

surveilling—Josh Lauer p. 790

teaching—Anja-Silvia Goeing p. 800

translating—Neil Safier p. 813

travel—Zur Shalev p. 820



commodification—John Frow p. 374

digitization—Andrew Piper p. 402

globalization—Elisa Oreglia p. 464

quantification—Dan Bouk p. 724

storage and search—Michael Buckland p. 788



bureaucracy—Peter Crooks p. 343

landscapes and cities—Alexandra Walsham p. 545

libraries and catalogs—Paul Nelles p. 567

platforms—Tarleton Gillespie p. 665

telecommunications—Daniel Headrick p. 806



algorithms—Ted Striphas p. 298

cameras—Annie Rudd p. 349

computers—Matthew Kirschenbaum p. 379

encrypting/decrypting—William H. Sherman p. 417

letterpress—David McKitterick p. 560

lithography—Hansun Hsiung and Kathryn A. Schwartz p. 583

photocopiers—Michael Buckland p. 655

printed visuals—Susanna Berger p. 677

stereotype printing—Alexis Weedon p. 783

surveys and censuses—Sarah Igo p. 796

xylography—Bruce Rusk p. 828